A Faithful Leader

“For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life a ransom for many.” Gospel of Mark 10:45

Every family, organization or community seeks the person or persons committed to serving the role of principal, shepherd, guardian, or steward. The group confers titles and roles on individuals. Collectively we seek the ones who will serve placing others before self. We seek a faithful leader.

Throughout history, global society has labored with countless actors granting them the role of leadership and having those actors fail their duty of faithful service. The words of Christ challenge the practitioners of the art and science of leadership. Christ redefined his followers’ view of a Leader.  

During our lifetime we are all confronted to discharge the role of leadership.  The challenge comes as we serve our families, businesses, and communities. Do you possess the attributes to meet the challenge?  What leadership attributes require sharpening?

The first principle of leadership is simple. We must see others as God’s special gift and serve them with a spirit of selflessness. In the spirit of selflessness, you might find it necessary to lay down your life for another but for most of us it is simply just placing the needs of another ahead of our personal preference. Faithful leaders are among us, look around, and see who has been placing your needs ahead of their personal interest.