Crossroads Global Initiative pursues its educational mission “to produce a cadre of experienced, principled leaders equipped to address critical issues in a global setting” by providing leadership preparation training at in person conferences, video teleconferences and delivery of leadership resources, publications, and partnerships. Through interactive training, hands on service opportunities and dynamic global mentorship, next generation leaders become effective and responsible stewards serving in ministry, education, business, and government. 

Anchored to the principle that a healthy society requires three vital sectors – a private sector of sustainable enterprises, a public sector of responsive leadership, and a vibrant sector of faith and community organizations – Crossroads leaders breathe life to the spirit, mind, and body of individuals, community, and society by bringing into harmony the values and commitment of a comprehensive vision and shared moral purpose into an expressed workable mission statement. 

Crossroads purposes to make its contribution to the health of society by delivering the intellectual resources and insight required by the next generation of leaders in ministry, education, business, and government sectors.

If you would like more information on the Crossroads educational mission, its programs, publications, or would like to support its work with a tax-deductible contribution, please contact us at