A Message from the President

Since 2001 Crossroads Global Initiative, Inc. has maintained its focus on equipping, training, and developing the next generation of marketplace leaders in ministry, education, and business.  During the past seven years Crossroads expanded its reach across the Atlantic by establishing a presence in the Basque Region of Spain in partnership with ministry and education leaders whose heart commitment is anchored to sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ daily in the global marketplace and aligned with our vision.  

Crossroads has adopted the National Association of Evangelicals Statement of Faith as its Statement of Belief and the organization and ministry partners are unapologetically committed to the equipping, training, and development of the next generation of global market leaders using a three-pronged approach: Education, International Outreach, and Sports Camps & Outdoors.  

Under the oversight of the Board of Directors, the President and Chancellor of Education at Crossroads Global Initiative continues to work in partnership with a team of men and women in ministry, education and business who are committed to the organization’s mission and sharing the message of God’s redemptive love in the local and international communities they serve. 

We are eternally grateful for the prayer and funding support given to Crossroads and its ministry partners.  Every member of the Crossroads team is self-funded and partially supported by the financial gifts of donors who are aligned with the Crossroads mission and vision.  We recognize that we have a fiduciary duty to our donors and the Board of Directors is committed to assuring that every dollar committed to funding is leveraged for the purposes intended. 

Please follow us on our corporate website, Facebook, or Instagram feeds for our weekly and monthly activity updates. 

Grace and Blessing, 

Victor R Moran 

President | Chancellor