Victor R. Moran | President & CEO

As a ministry and education organization with international reach we appreciate the dedicated cohort of prayer warriors and financial partners who sacrificially underpin the ministries of Crossroads Global Initiative, Inc.

Crossroads is in its 21st year of offering ministry and educational opportunities with its U.S. based and international global partners, equipping and training the Next Generation of Global Marketplace Leaders.

Calendar year 2022 was a year of advancement in ministry for the Crossroads team as we moved beyond the impact of COVD-19.  Our ministry associates in Europe were able to reengage their national communities and experience a sense of normalcy in their daily ministry and outreach.

Our stateside teams were able to travel to points of national and international ministry not visited in 2020 and 2021. One of our volunteer teams traveled to Europe the summer of 2022 holding the annual Baseball Camp in Germany and sharing the Good News of the Gospel with hundreds of participating youth.

In the latter part of 2022, Crossroads expanded its international outreach to Colombia, Guatemala and Nicaragua through partnerships with indigenous ministries who are effectively reaching the communities they serve with the Good News of the Gospel. 

Crossroads committed time and financial resources investing in the leadership development of senior leaders in life redemption ministries and church planting organizations in the U.S. cities of Chicago and Houston.

Calendar year 2023 will see expansion with Crossroads partners that align with its global mission equipping, training, and raising Next Gen Leadership and communicating the Good News of Jesus Christ in everything we do.

Our prayer and financial partners are critical to the advancement of the Crossroads mission and to the expansion of our colleagues’ impact across the U.S. and international venues. We are grateful for each gift of designated and general fund support and covet your continued prayer support. Your partnership and support have eternal significance!