An Opportunity to Participate on Mission

Victor R. Moran | President & CEO

Many have asked me numerous times to identify specific opportunities for financial support.

I am highlighting two initiatives for consideration by our financial partners.

1. Intercultural Student Trip

The first initiative is the opportunity to partially sponsor a Basque region student on this summer’s cohort to Texas. Mandy and Sampie Brown are leading a cohort of high school age students from Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain to Texas. They will be in Texas from July 5 – July 26, 2023. Host families will house the students and each student will experience the warmth of God’s love. This trip allows the Browns to build deeper relationships with the community they serve as they reach, teach and disciple. As part of the trip, the cohort will visit the NASA Space Center, attend a Space Cowboys baseball game in Sugarland, Texas and have a sit- down meal with new friends.

2. Germany Baseball Camp

Our second initiative for sponsor consideration is the Germany Baseball Camp. The in-country host is the Minden, Germany Evangelical Free Church. Camp dates are June 23 – July 1, 2023. Pastor David Upchurch leads the missional cohort to Minden, Germany. The cohort members teach baseball basics and share the message of Christ’s redemptive love. 

The four sponsorship opportunities identified are below.

  • Donostia Student Cohort: Sponsor a Donostia-San Sebastian Student @ $125.00 per student which underwrites the cost of 1 ticket to Houston’s NASA Space Center, 1 ticket to Sugarland’s Space Cowboys Baseball Game and 1 sit down meal;
  • Minden 1: Sponsor MacGregor or Rawlings RIF baseballs for 10 teams; 6 dozen baseballs are required @ $85.00 per dozen;
  • Minden 2: Sponsor 12-inch Wilson A400 model or Rawlings Pro-lite model Baseball gloves; 24 gloves @ $60.00 each;
  • Minden 3: Sponsor Field in a Bag for games every afternoon; 2 bags are required @ $45.00 each.

Sponsorships can be made via the donate page of the Crossroads Global website at and contributing to the General Fund. You can designate Donostia Student, Minden 1, Minden 2 or Minden 3 by entering the designation under Company Name. 

We are thankful for your participation and financial support.